Google Earth tours: Gaywood Valley Project

This project uses Google Earth tours to enhance public landscape awareness. This work is to be published in Landscape and Urban Planning in 2015. Click here for further details.

Take a virtual flight over Gaywood River Valley in west Norfolk. See the benefits provided by nature. Take a trip through time to see how the past environment shapes what we see today.

Example screenshot

Click on this screenshot to preview a short video of the Geology and Past Climates Tour in action! Download the Google Earth files below.

To explore the Google Earth tours yourself please use the links below. You will need to have Google Earth (version 6 or above) installed.

Please save to your computer hard disk for the tours to work properly (we have had some problems with the tours if running from the Desktop).

  1. Introduction tour (click here to download KMZ)
  2. Geology and past climates (click here to download KMZ)
  3. Green infrastructure (click here to download KMZ)

The Gaywood Valley Project was funded by the EU, Norfolk County Council and the Borough Council of King’s Lynn. For more information on the River Gaywood, please visit the Norfolk Rivers Trust website.

Further information on the development of the tours can be found on the University of East Anglia website.

Please let me know if you have any problems or comments.

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